Spring Cleaning: The Big 3

People complain about how it’s more expensive to be healthy.  Well, as far as cleaning is concerned, this is just false.  3 of my go-to cleaning products that are safe are some of the cheapest things you can find.  Drum roll please…..

Baking Soda

I am definitely not an expert in the area of cleaning, but I have pretty strong feelings about what I don’t like using.  Whenever it is time to clean, my husband and I have a small argument about what products to use — he always pulls out the heavy duty stuff and I am in the background gagging on the smell that seems to remain in my nostrils for hours after it’s used.  My opinion on the heavy duty stuff:  save the chemicals for when it is REALLY needed…not for your every day cleaning.

A few years ago I got an odd Christmas gift from my sister-in-law: a basket full of “green” cleaning supplies, accompanied by a book called “Green up Your Cleanup” by Jill Schoff.  I was really excited about the gift, and I still consider it one of the most memorable and useful gifts I have ever received.  My mom always said that vinegar works on everything, and this book is a great resource of how to use not only vinegar, but other non-harmful products as well.  Side note:  this would make a great wedding or house-warming gift!

Sure it’s nice that green cleaning is good for the environment, but what I really care about is the health of my family.  I don’t need to go into the research to know that when it burns my lungs, I shouldn’t be using it.  If it’s something that my kid puts in their mouth, soap and water will do the trick just fine.  There is no need to use chemicals that can potentially cause cancer or mess with hormones when there are non-harmful alternatives that are probably cheaper too.  

Everyone has their own cleaning preferences, but I am just sharing my not-so-expert opinion on this issue.  It might be time to think about spring cleaning your cleaning closet.

Why I care?  Because this toddler puts everything in her mouth…

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