Spring Cleaning: Your Pantry

Go look in your pantry and what do you see?  Do most of the items have health benefits to them?  Are they foods that will nourish you?  Are the ingredients simple and whole?  As you clean out your pantry, evaluate the quality of the food that you have been eating.  

Typically, when we are wanting to snack we go to the pantry.  In most cases, the things that arrive in our pantries get there by way of the grocery cart.  Therefore, it is SO important to be a smart shopper.  Don’t bring it home if you will regret it being in your body.  I am all about allowing for indulgences, but just be careful what you keep in your pantry.  Here are my top 10 pantry snacks:

  1. Larabars–simple whole ingredients in the form of a quick, on-the-go, snack.
  2. Raisins–the kids love them by themselves and I love them in a nut mixture.
  3. Organic Peaches in a cup–great for when I don’t have fresh fruit available.
  4. Fruit/Veggie Pouches–hands down the kids’ favorite snack; get the ones with veggies in them!
  5. Kind Bars–Fruit and nut bars that have pronounceable ingredients. 
  6. Freeze dried Peas–loaded with fiber and protein and only one ingredient: peas.  A kid-fave.
  7. Nuts–I always have a stock in my pantry as this is my favorite go-to snack.
  8. Triscuit Thin Crisps–simple ingredients, and easier to eat than the thicker version.
  9. Organic Ancient Grain Pretzels–4 ingredients and no compromised taste (bought at Costco).
  10. 84% Dark Chocolate (not pictured)–because any time is a good time for chocolate.
No, my pantry is not perfect, and I am not asking for yours to be, either.  However, the important thing is that your staples are healthful.  

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