Food and Life

This past Sunday I heard something that stuck with me.  Jason Abbott was explaining that something must die so that we can live.  Without food, we die.  All food was at some point living or from something that was alive, right?  Grains, fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy–the original source was something alive.  The interesting thing is that we have lost touch with this principle because of chemicals, artificial junk and all the food imitators that are easily accessible in a grocery store.  However, God originally created people to live on food that was grown or born–therefore it makes sense that we are healthier when we eat food that is close to it’s original state.  The clean eating movement might be one of the latest health fads, but actually it’s not a fad at all.  It’s just going back to seeing food how it was originally intended to be used.

My family is currently in the process of watching sprouts come up in our garden–it’s a thrilling process.  There is so much value in teaching children where our food comes from, and yes, that it even involves something dying so that we can live.  We often shelter our children from the idea of death, but it is indeed a very real part of life.
This concept of death that brings life is so much more meaningful to me than food and sustenance.  It is true of what I believe on a spiritual level as well.  We just celebrated Easter–the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Through his death and resurrection, we who trust in him have also died to our old selves and been raised to a new life.  Here is your “food” for thought for the day:  
  • Where does your food come from and can you even consider it food at all?  
  • What gives you spiritual sustenance and is it really life-giving? 
This is the ceramic egg plant Noah received in his Easter basket.
I love how it helps teach him about new life, which is what Easter is all about.

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