A Mother’s Workout

If you did not know this already, motherhood is a workout.  Giving birth is like a marathon.  Carrying a child is like walking around with a weight vest.  Keeping a toddler from danger is like sprinting through an obstacle course.  Cleaning up a kid’s mess is like interval training.  Playing tag with your kid is like…exercise.

This is to all the moms who get their workouts in simply by being moms.  Keep being active and teaching your kids how to live a healthy lifestyle through your example.

Eclecticism Photography

Happy Mother’s Day!

And to my mom…you are an inspiration to me and many others and you have worked tirelessly for your kids and your grandchildren.  Thank you for all you have taught me and continue to teach me about being a mom!

One comment

  1. Amy Glass · May 11, 2014

    Amen! 🙂


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