Spring Cleaning: Your Medicine Cabinet (Part 2)

This is my last post about spring cleaning.  Over the past weeks, we have cleaned up our cosmetics, our houses, our pantries, and now we are working on our medicine cabinets.  I have recently been made more aware of how essential oils can be used in place of other over-the-counter and prescription medications.  I am thankful for alternatives that are natural and make use of the good creation God gave us.  I included a “part 2” because there is more to talk about on this topic.

First of all, food is a powerful medicine.  And exercise is medicine too.  These things should not be underestimated.  However, things come up unexpectedly.  For example, in the past week I have dealt with kids who are constipated (this is serious stuff for those of you who may laugh at this!), a child with fever that won’t go away, bug bites that are not typical, tear-inducing neck pain, bloody cuts, allergies, and other bumps and bruises.  I need things at my finger tips to deal with these issues–and I would rather not depend solely on drugs.

There are options, and that is the goal of this post.  Honey, for example, has many uses that you can read about here:  Honey and Cinnamon Benefits and Natural Cures.  I recently bought local honey to help with seasonal allergies that I have and I suspect my daughter has.  The link states:

The International Archives of Allergy and Immunology published an article that tested this theory and discovered that pre-seasonal use of birch pollen honey helped people with birch pollen allergies by lowering total symptoms by 60%, experiencing twice as many asymptomatic days, having 70% fewer days with severe symptoms, and by using 50% less antihistamines compared to the group that took conventional meds.  

Another topic is pain, and there are options for that as well.  Here are some alternatives from Doctor Oz (an MD, by the way) on how to deal with it in a natural way: 7 Natural Pain Solutions.  After dealing with a neck strain, I am glad I had Vitamin B12 and the ingredients for a pain-reducing smoothie (recipe below) on hand!

How I treat illness in my family depends on the severity of the issue, and how uncomfortable someone is.  I will not hesitate to use conventional medicine if the issue is something that has the potential to get serious if left unchecked.  We must remember that people–especially children–died much more frequently before the advancement of medicine.  I am all about using natural cures, but I do not want to risk my child’s life when push comes to shove.

Here are some of my favorite go-to items in my medicine cabinet…some of which are preventative:

  • Aquaphor: this goes on everything from cuts to dry skin, and I have even used it for diaper rash.
  • Honey:  Helps with allergies and great for coughs
  • Natural Bug Spray (Honest Company):  Bug bites have become quite an issue for my son who reacts badly to a simple mosquito bite.  I need to try to prevent, but for a natural way to treat I use Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil.
  • Hylands Homeopathic Kit:  I have used these to help with cold symptoms.
  • Zarbees Cough Syrups:  One that I have is for babies and does not contain honey.  The other is especially for mucous relief.
  • Vitamins:  I mainly use Vitamin C and Echinacea, and a multi-vitamin.  I also have B12 on hand.
  • Sunscreen:  There are so many natural options now, but I like Coppertone WaterBabies Pure and Simple, which gets a good rating from the EWG.  I like that it is reasonably priced, accessible, and rubs in well.  I even use it for myself.  I suspect I will need to get some aloe in case I am not successful at preventing the sunburn from happening.
Again, the point of this post is that there are options!  Consider doing your research before going for something that may not be the most beneficial for your body.
Taken from Dr Josh Axe’s Facebook Page
And Finally, for the times when you are too uncomfortable to pick up the toys (as seen in the photo below), here is my recipe for a pain/inflammation smoothie: frozen pineapple, ginger powder, chia seeds (optional), lemon oil, banana, orange juice concentrate, and water.

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