Easy Food

“Did our sprouts grow?  I will go check.”  I may not be much of a gardener but I am thrilled to have little gardening assistants that love to check the progress of my husband’s garden as much as I do. 

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”   -Genesis 1

I have read a few things lately that were discussing how easy it is in our culture to get food.  I am not going to deny that I am all about easy, but I have to admit that I have been convicted of this.  If food is easy to access, then we will likely eat more of it.  If we have put work and effort into making it, then we will likely enjoy our food more and not take it for granted.  I have been in a season of life where I need easy to survive.  Here are my top 5 easy, but healthy, foods:

  • Vegetable:  Grape tomatoes.  When we have them on hand I keep them on the counter to pop for a snack or to readily add to my toddlers’ plates for some easy nutrients.
  • Fruit:  Bananas.  I try to always get them whenever I am at the store.  They are cheap and easy…and if they are not at the exact ripeness that I like, then they will get used in a smoothie soon enough.  Blueberries are an awesome option as well, but more pricey than bananas so they are a special treat.
  • Salty:  Peanuts and almonds.  They sit out on our hutch so I can grab when I NEED something salty.  This need comes rapidly and frequently.  
  • Meal:  Whole grain/wheat pasta and frozen vegetables.  I always have both of these in stock for a simple meal when short on time and energy.
  • Sweet:  Super dark chocolate.  “They” say to go for at least 60%, but I say to go as dark as you can.  I like to keep 86% on hand.  The darker it is, the healthier it is…and the less of it you will probably eat in one sitting.  
If you always have easy, healthy options on hand than you will be more likely to eat them…obviously!  Be adventurous and try new healthy things, of course, but when you need easy, make sure you are prepared.  I cannot wait to have easy access to our garden foods and to eat them in abundance (thanks to my husband’s hard work)!

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