I was asked recently what I am thankful for, and since I didn’t feel like stating the obvious (faith, family, friends), I quickly answered that I was thankful for my health.  This is something we who are healthy take for granted…and at times may even have the tendency to judge those who are not.  We may think that our health is in our control — and it is to a certain extent — but it can be taken away from us in an instant.

There are two extremes: one extreme is that someone may try to be so healthy that it becomes an “ultimate”, a god, an obsession.  When their health is then taken away, it becomes so devastating that the person can’t function and loses purpose.  On the other extreme, there may be the person who does nothing to be healthy because they figure that everyone will die at some point–heck, it could even happen tomorrow in a freak accident.  In my opinion, both of these options are enslaving.  While one person might be so restricted by their health obsession, the other might feel trapped inside an unhealthy body.

I am tempted to either be in one extreme or the other, but I find I am most balanced when I am living in thankfulness for what God has given me.  We were created in a way that responds well to a healthy lifestyle but there is something so beautiful in depending daily — not on my own ability to be healthy, but on the grace of God.

Thanksgiving tip:  drink LOTS of water.  All the food you’ll eat will likely have high levels of salt so this will keep you hydrated.  Drinking water between bites will also take more time to eat, allowing your body and brain to be satiated and help you avoid excess food.  Lastly, choose water instead of sugary drinks, because no one needs more sugar on Thanksgiving.

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