Four Favorite Flavors of Winter…

…and why they are good for you.

1.  Favorite Sweet Flavor: Peppermint

  • Why it’s good for you- Peppermint (which is a plant) is used most commonly to help with cold symptoms and digestive problems.
  • What you should try- Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Honey Mints.  These delicious treats are peppermint patties with only 3 ingredients:  honey, chocolate liquor, and oil of peppermint.  Also try the Trader Joe’s version of Altoids, which have little pieces of peppermint leaves in them.  (Hey, can someone pick some Honey Mints up for me for Christmas?  And while I am wishing, Santa, please bring me a Trader Joe’s to Harrisburg.)

2.  Favorite Winter Fruit: Grapefruit

  • Why it’s good for you- It has antioxidants like Vitamin C, which is great for helping to fight winter bugs.  Also, it may help with weight management.  Grapefruit is known to interfere with certain medications, so check first if it might effect you.  This also means that it is a powerful food, so eat up if it’s not off limits due to prescriptions!
  • What you should try- Eating a fresh grapefruit is best–just cut, scoop, and slurp!  

3.  Favorite Winter Vegetable: Sweet Potato

  • Why it’s good for you- They are loaded with nutrients that help your body do things like fight cancer, slow the aging process, and boost your immunity.
  • What you should try- A healthier version of a holiday favorite: sweet potato casserole.  Check it out at 100 Days of Real Food.

4. Favorite Winter Salad:  Kale Salad

  • Why it’s good for you- Kale is known as a super vegetable due to it’s high amounts of Vitamins K, C, and A: think better eyes, bones, heart, and immune system to name a few.
  • What you should try- Costco has a bagged kale salad that is a favorite in our house.  I often bring it to parties and events, and it’s always a hit. 

Merry Christmas!

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