Fitness Trends in 2015

I’m not one to get much into all the fitness trends that come and go, however, many of you enjoy experiencing the latest and greatest craze.  So, if you are wondering what the 2015 trends might look like, check out Pete McCall’s predictions on ACE’s Fitnovatives Blog (American Council on Exercise).

My favorite on his list is number 4.  He talks about the progression of functional training to Loaded Movement Training and defines it as “the process of moving a mass through gravity”.  The basic gist of this type of training is that in everyday life we typically move a mass through gravity, not simply just lift an object up and down.  Therefore, the training is designed to move weight across planes and with purpose.  I love this example below, because my “job” in life right now is to care for my children.

…Consider how most parents pick up their kids off of the ground; they don’t take the time to set their feet in a neutral position, position their perfectly still child symmetrically position relative to his or her midline and then, after bracing, symmetrically load each arm as they pull the child to their chest. As most parents will tell you, there is no cognitive thought relative to their body position as they perform the movement of picking up their child. They simply hold on to their child however they can and lift them to whatever position is manageable at the time. (Pete McCall, Is Loaded Movement Training the Future of Fitness?)

Whatever way you stay active is fine with me.  It will be interesting to see what people latch onto in 2015, and if you are a trend-follower, then enjoy the fitness journey that this year will take you on.

This is my favorite piece of Loaded Movement Training equipment.
(Photo credit: Eclecticism Photography)

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