Thoughts on Thirty

This week I turned 30.  When I was studying exercise science in college, I remember learning that the human body is at its peak at age 30.  Back then, 30 was so far in the future that I felt like I should just enjoy my youthful state and not think of the downhill progression that was to come after I was 30 and old.  Now here I am, at the “peak” and choose to see this birthday in a positive light rather than negative.  What should I do this year to celebrate?  I am sure there will be something fun and active in my future.  No, it won’t be a marathon, but maybe a new sport or a unique goal.  We shall see.

I worked as a Fitness Director in a retirement community for 5 years and I feel like there are only a select few that deserve the title “old”.  The way I see it, old is beautiful, because it is quite an accomplishment to make it to “old” status.  While I saw many people’s bodies deteriorate as they aged, I also saw what some could achieve when they exercised — like picture a 100+ year-old working out at a gym.

So…I am 30.  I have accomplished a lot in those 30 years but hope to do much more in the years to come.  My body might take longer to recover or I may have new injuries and complications, but there is always a way to be active no matter how old you are.  It is not depressing, it is exciting to think of the new possibilities.

For my birthday, my sweet husband spent much time using his smart brain to do an overhaul on my blog.  You may notice that this is a new site…  If you want to follow, click the button at the top right.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging me over the past 3+ years!


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