Celebrating Well

There are days in the year that are special and unique, and I believe it is “healthy” to celebrate them.  March is a month of celebration for our family of 4, involving 2 birthdays and an anniversary.  So what does it mean to celebrate well?  We’ve had quite a bit of practice in the past 2 weeks trying to figure this out.  Here are my thoughts:

  • Eat Cake.  It is only once a year you have a birthday, and you are to be celebrated.  People have been celebrating with food since the beginning (think festivals/feasts in Bible times).  While cake might not be the most “healthy” thing for you physically, the concept of celebrating is a good and healthy thing and I believe it’s ok to do that with cake.
  • Have healthy options and a balanced plate.  Your body won’t be thrown off too much if you depart from healthy eating habits slightly.  However, if you leave out the veggies and fruits for all junk, you’ll probably feel pretty junky post-party.
  • Think outside the party favor box.  It is easy to send people/kids with a favor box full of candy, but you are already sending them off sugared and sassy from cake and snacks.  In the past we’ve done books, but this year we did themed stickers, a small coloring book, and glow sticks.

Healthy habits allow for celebration to occur without much guilt.  My kids never get full-sized donuts but today was a special, spaceship-loving little boy’s 4th birthday, so it was allowed.  Down the road, I want to be seen as a mom who celebrated well and recognized that sometimes special occasions call for special treats.  Having a healthy mindset understands when to say “no” and when it’s worth indulging.  After 2 weeks of celebration, however, I am looking forward to being done with cake and back to normal healthy living.


For our morning playgroup birthday playdate, we celebrated by having Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting.


We had a 3-foot “rocket” sub as the main course for the family party. Check out Sandwich Man if you need a good sandwich in Harrisburg. It was the best Italian sub I have had since living in NJ.


Organic “Planet” Pretzels and Hannah Hummus from Costco. Space pasta is made with veggies, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and salt (Birthday Boy’s favorite).


We kept it simple with the cake and I am so glad we did. We used an organic boxed vanilla cake mix from ALDI. I need to keep the expectations low as there will be many more birthdays to come and baking is not my favorite thing to do 🙂


The birthday boy got a kick out of eating these “Asteroids”. He called them cookies but they are energy bites made of oatmeal, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, peanut butter, flax seed, coconut, and honey.


Fruit Rockets: I am proud of my kids for enjoying the fruit more than they enjoy marshmallows. Fruit is like candy to them (and me).

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