Detecting the Counterfeit

Counterfeit defined according to google is something “made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.”  My husband showed me a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! that had us both amused.  I included it below, but the basic gist of it is that they fooled shoppers into thinking they were drinking organic, cleansing juices when they were actually drinking things like Fun Dip and Skittles.  It’s a bit astonishing how easily people can be tricked to think a counterfeit is real!  Here are my 2 thoughts on this entertaining prank:

  • Fruit is candy.  Every time I give my kids blueberries, they are truly eating nature’s candy.  You would think I gave them permission to down a bowl of Skittles, because they gobble those little balls of antioxidants right up.  That is what is so interesting about Jimmy Kimmel’s prank.  People were easily fooled because a real fruit smoothie may taste similar to skittles blended with water…except the real thing is extremely more nutritional valuable than the fake.  There is no need to regularly indulge in a fake imitation (like candy) when you have access to the real thing!  I just bought a carton of strawberries for $2, compared to a king-sized Skittles which I saw at the store today for the same price.
  • Learn how to recognize the real thing.  Don’t be so quickly fooled by what people tell you.  This people in this video believed it was good for them simply because they were told so.  Companies cannot always be trusted as they obviously want to make a profit off of you.  Deception is everywhere in the food industry, and while it’s not good to always be paranoid, don’t be so quick to follow the latest trend as if it’s the nutritional gospel.  If you want to try some new health kick, always proceed with caution.  One way to learn how to recognize if it’s real or not is by familiarizing yourself with the real thing–a.k.a eating real food.  You can’t go wrong with foods that don’t come in packages.

Just because someone thinks and believes it is healthy, doesn’t mean it actually is.  Thanks, Jimmy, for proving this!

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