Travel Treasures

Well, we just returned from a trip to Disney World and I am exhausted.  My husband had a conference in Orlando so my parents helped me and the kids trek down south.  I wanted to be fully loaded with snacks for the road trip as well as for Disney, since eating sit down meals was unlikely to happen 3 times a day.  It was important to me to have nutritious food on hand, as well as “desperation” food (a.k.a something fast and easy that would stop melt-downs dead in their tracks).  Feeling prepared with snacks helped us have a successful road trip and Disney World experience.  Here is what I would recommend to pack in your treasure chest of snacks for your next travel adventure:

  • Something Salty.  We had veggie straws and whole wheat crackers.  My husband noted that, to the kids, crackers are like gold.  These were perfect for when the munchies hit.
  • Something Sweet.  My sweet item was Annie’s bunny gummies.  I got a big box from Costco and the gummies were perfect for waiting in lines to go on rides and helping with little ears popping on the plane ride home.  These were our desperation food of choice, and best part was they didn’t take up much room!
  • Some Protein.  I made a nut and raisin mix that was great to have when I needed something of substance but didn’t have access to a meal.
  • Something Fruity.  If crackers are like gold coins, then fruit pouches are the liquid gold.  I had a big box of apple sauce pouches that helped ensure my kids were not just eating junk and dry foods the whole trip.  I also had small boxes of raisins that were great for traveling.
  • Bars.  My goal was to pack bars that my kids like and that have some nutritional value to them.  These were perfect for breakfast on the go or stomach growls that needed to be quickly quieted throughout the day.
  • Vitamins.  These aren’t really a food or snack, but they were extra assurance for me that my family was getting the nutrients and fiber we needed amidst a wacky eating schedule.  They also helped fight off all the germs that come with constant crowd exposure and public bathroom and transportation use.

And now for my bonus tip: the best fast food place (in my opinion) to stop at is Chick-Fil-A.  There are lots of healthy food options and best of all, they have a small indoor playground for the kids to get some exercise.  My brother gave me the idea to look them up after he told me they stop at these little gems all the time when traveling with their 4 kids.  It was the perfect setting for letting them get their crazy out before being strapped in again.

2015-04-15 10.09.19

By the way, if you are looking for a vacation where you get lots of exercise, go to Disney World!  We walked SO much (while pushing strollers) and had fun while doing it.  That’s my kind of vacation–where fun and fitness collide 🙂  Happy travels!

2015-04-20 07.54.58

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  1. benjaminvrbicek · April 23, 2015

    Which food groups do funnel cakes and cotton candy fit in? 🙂


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