The Healthy Woman: Part 1

The Kailo Clipboard

One of the things that I am self-conscious about is my arms.  Then I started to think about it a little bit.  These arms pick up my crying baby when he needs to be loved.  These arms have helped a blind, elderly woman get where she needs to go.  These arms cook meals and clean a house so my family can thrive.  These arms have a purpose.

 This is the first part in a series of 5 where I will dissect a passage that gives women something to strive for.  To my surprise, there is actually a quote about arms in this passage.  The first quote that I will use from Proverbs 31 says the following:

She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks.  

(P 31:17 NIV) 

I found it interesting that a passage in the Bible actually talks about a woman’s strength.  We…

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