The Healthy Woman: Part 3

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I just got back from a weekend-long retreat with other women from my church.  It was energizing, yet restful.  It was inspiring, yet thought-provoking.  It was relationship-building, yet introspective.  It was great.

Which brings me to our next topic: stress.  How many of us live worrying constantly and hurrying unceasingly?  In other words, how many of us live like Americans?  Our speaker, Jessie Seneca, told us it was called the “Hurried-Woman Syndrome”.

Part 3 of my “Healthy Woman” series happens to address stress.  Proverbs 31 says this:

She can laugh at the days to come (P 31:25 NIV) 

Being able to laugh at the days to come means that she is not constantly worrying about what will happen next.  She is not constantly stressed.  Stress affects our health in ways we just don’t realize sometimes.  The Mayo Clinic has a great article about this topic, and in it they…

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