The Healthy Woman: Part 4

The Kailo Clipboard

My mom always told me growing up that my name means industrious.  I am pretty sure this was not always true to who I was, however.  I was often found napping under the kitchen table while my sister and mom would clean up after a meal.  To get out of chores I would frequently use the excuse, “I have to go practice my piano.”  I would never practice piano unless it was a convenient opportunity to get out of something.  I admit that I tend to have a lazy side to me.  Therefore, this next part to our “Healthy Woman Series” is a challenge for me.

The focus for this challenge comes from this quote from Proverbs 31:

She does not eat the bread of idleness (P 31:27 NIV).

Another part of this passage also states that she works on wool and flax with “eager hands”.  This is always convicting…

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