We recently moved and one of my favorite places in the house is the kitchen.  I have been slowly “making it my own” and today this lovely sign went up.  The word nourish has been in my mind for a while because I wanted our kitchen to be a place where I was inspired to provide fresh food that would “supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth; to cheer, foster, and keep alive; and to strengthen, build up, and promote” (  I am hoping that having this sign prominent will remind us when we eat that the whole point of consuming food is to feed and care for the body.  It sounds obvious, but we often spend time eating and not nourishing.




That being said, I also wanted to have my kitchen be a place where I was more inspired to cook and bake…because when it’s time to consume special treats, it’s better they are homemade with ingredients that are real.  I got the idea from a post from Mending the Piggy Bank to use our gourds to write things that we are thankful for throughout the month of November.  Today, after having homemade pumpkin pie, my kids said they were thankful for special treats…and I am thankful that they said this after eating something I made instead of something a factory made 🙂



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