The Gym: 5 Things to Look For

It’s the new year.  It’s cold outside.  It’s one of the busiest times of the year for gyms all over the country.  Here are five things to look for and think about if you plan on getting a new gym membership:

  •  Location.  If it’s not close, you won’t go often.  And by close, I mean close to either your home or your work.  Any time that you spend driving in the car is time that you are not exercising and that you are away from family.  I am all about maximizing time.
  • Money.  This is important, for obvious reasons.  Gyms do not need to be expensive.  I have heard of memberships that are as low as $5 a month.  Planet fitness is $10 a month, a great option for those who want to be frugal.
  • Friends.  I mentioned earlier that I am all about maximizing time.  If I can workout side by side with someone who I also want to hang out with, than it’s a win-win situation.  It is also great motivation when there are people you know at the gym, and can be great accountability too if you are meeting them there.
  • Amenities.  Some people like to swim.  Some people like Zumba.  Some like TRX, and others like smoothies after their workouts.  Whatever it is that will make your exercise experience most enjoyable, make it a priority because then you will do it more.  For me, the most desirable amenity  is free childcare.
  • “Vibe”.  If you are not comfortable going to the gym, then you likely won’t go often.  Planet fitness’s motto is “Home of the Judgement Free Zone.”  I go to a place called The Friendship Center, which has a great community feel that I really like.  These are things to consider.

I hope you have a happy gym shopping experience and end up a place that is a great fit for you!

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