Recently, someone asked me about what I like to do for exercise.  I answered with, “Well, lately I’ve been doing a lot of swimming because my kids have been taking lessons so it’s convenient.”  I continued on to say that before swimming I was training for a 10K so I had been running a lot.  I then finished with how I recently got my bike in working order again and foresee more bike riding this fall.  As I reflected on this conversation later I realized that all my life I have been someone who is in and out of seasons when it comes to exercise.  Sports started young in my family and I loved it.  Fall meant soccer.  Basketball started up Thanksgiving weekend and went right into softball season.  Summer was more laid back, which meant gym visits and occasional runs on the beach.  I liked having seasons.

Seasons are good for your body–doing new things challenge it so that forgotten muscle groups can strengthen. Cycling your workouts also can help you stay interested and motivated in fitness.  If you are bored with your workouts, think about trying something new this fall!

Life is made up of seasons, too.  In some seasons our calendars are busy, others they are more open.  Sometimes life is relationally hard and draining, other times we are thriving and happy.  There are periods when health challenges arise, and then high points when energy abounds.  These seasons can strengthen faith muscles and increase flexibility–the kind where you realize you can’t control everything but have to trust in God’s sovereign plan for your life.

I have been anxious for fall to come this year, but not because I love boots and pumpkin spice latte.  My family is coming out of a hard season.  We have dealt with a second miscarriage as well as my husband’s 4-night stay in the hospital followed by 3 weeks of intense treatments for a staph infection.  I was thankful that during all this it was also Olympic season.  It was just what we needed–something to be happy about when we were sad and being able to watch our team win even though we were feeling the pain of our loss. However, as helpful as the Olympics were to us, they ended.  That’s the thing about seasons–they finish.  What has helped us most this summer is that we know that God is always good, in our hard seasons and in our great seasons.

As I move from less swimming to more biking, I will continue to be thankful for new seasons and for this constant truth from God’s word: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”




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