A New Beginning

It has been a long time since I have posted regularly on this blog.  I couldn’t quite explain why I have lost motivation to write, but it just wasn’t there.  For some reason, I was reflecting on it a little today and I think it’s becoming more clear to me what the problem has been.  I tried to blame it on the tough year that we’ve had, going through 2 miscarriages and then being pregnant (due June 2017) which resulted in feeling sick and tired.  But honestly, that has not really been the reason.

This blog has been about healthy living.  The problem is, there are so many voices out there…too many.  I didn’t really know what to say that hasn’t already been said by someone smarter, cooler, fitter, and more qualified than myself.  I figured it was probably time to do away with blogging because I don’t like that I’ve been inconsistent over the past 7 months–but the truth is it is not always for you, it is also a way that I myself process and reflect on what it means to be healthy.  I am not ready to call it quits, but I am ready to take the pressure off myself and just simply share those reflections with you.  I am not the smartest person in the health/exercise field.  I am surely not the coolest.  I never desired to be the fittest person, and there are certainly people way more qualified than me to be writing blogs on healthy living.  However, here is what I do want to offer you:  healthy living from a Christian perspective.  There are plenty of people who make health their god, but I want to look into what God says about health.  Practically speaking, how does the gospel shape healthy living.

For some of you, you will stop reading anything I write now.  That’s ok–I want to be up front with you about where I am coming from.  For others, you will be encouraged and challenged by the things I will write in the future.  My goal is not to get good traffic, make money, or get lots of likes and shares, but it is to use my background in fitness, my desire to write, and my love for God to bring you insights on what it means to live healthy.

Thank you for reading this honest post after months of silence…stay tuned.


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