Swollen Feet and Double Chins

It’s Mother’s Day so naturally I wanted to get a family picture.  When I looked back at the few I had to choose from, I immediately noticed things like my swollen feet and double chin.  Being one month from my due date, these things are perfectly normal for expectant moms but it’s still a hard thing to grasp when I look back at the pictures.  I immediately thought, well I am not going to put THAT one on social media.  However, the more I thought about it today I realized, on this Mother’s Day, that swollen feet and double chins are among the many things that moms are willing to endure to live sacrificially for the sake of their children.  And when I put my thoughts into their right place, I remember that living sacrificially for others is a joy and honor because it is exactly how Jesus lived.  He gave up his body, suffered greatly, and died for those he loved.  So today, as I am tempted to complain about the many ailments that accompany motherhood, I am reminded to be thankful for the love of the One who has given the greatest sacrifice of all.  20170514_133209

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