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My last post was on Mother’s Day reflecting on the sacrifices that accompany being a mom and being pregnant.  Well on Father’s Day, we welcomed our third baby into our family.  At 8:12 AM on June 18th, Evangeline Vera Grenier was born.  She was 6 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long, and we are so thankful that both she and I remained healthy through the process.  We have gotten a lot of questions about the name, the labor, and how we are surviving after a major life event, so if you are interested, feel free to read on to find out more.

  • The Name  Evangeline is a name that Mike and I both have liked for a while, and it means Messenger of Good News.  She has brought us good news from the moment we first heard her little heart beating.  That swooshing sound brought us hope that life was possible after death, and we pray that she will continue to use her life to bring the message of God’s Good News to a dying world.  Vera is my grandmother’s name and it means faith.  We were thrilled to use her name and hope that our daughter will have a faith like my grandmother has and has held firm to over her 95 years of life.
  • The Labor  I was overdue and wondering when we would meet our sweet bundle.  I was foolishly convinced that I would be able to control when she would be born, since we had a vacation to work around that was obviously planned before even being pregnant.  However, all the spicy food in the world would not have changed the fact that God wanted her to be born on June 18th.  I woke at 2:30 on Father’s Day morning with a contraction that no doubt signified the start of labor, and so we called Aunt Sarah to come be with the big kids while we made our way to the hospital.  Contractions were infrequent and bearable for a while leading the nurses to believe they had some time before anything happened, but once we were checked in to our room things sped up quickly and Mike was soon pressing the call button in a panicked state because I was needing to push.  Our little peanut came out in one push and thankfully the doctor walked in just in time to catch a baby.  Random fact:  Evangeline weighed 3 lbs less than Gracelyn did at birth!  I am very glad to be done with that part of the process, because it is indeed true that childbirth is a very painful thing to go through (no time for pain meds).
  • The After  As excited as I was and still am to have Evangeline in my life, the truth is that it is really hard to have a baby, recover from a delivery, not get much sleep, figure out breastfeeding, and adjust to having one more kid in your family than you used to.  The Facebook pictures might make it seem like it is all very glamorous, but the first week after was very hard.  Every day has gotten a little better as my body heals and we get a normal routine established, and I am so thankful for all the help and encouragement that I have received from friends and family!



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