How I Feel About Essential Oils

Before we get too far, let me just say I realize I may have already lost some of you at the mention of oils…or maybe I already offended some of you whose livelihood depends on these fragrant little bottles of “magic”.  This post, if read (and written) accurately, should not be a divisive one but a unifying one.  That being said, this is how I feel about oils: Woman Shrugging on Facebook 2.2.1

Since I couldn’t really think of a word to describe how I feel about oils, I googled “undecided emoji” and this is what I got.  It’s a love-hate relationship, really.  I use them occasionally but oils have not saved me from the depths of despair.  Below I will summarize the love, the hate, a warning, and a resource.

  • Love-I love how oils provide a natural way for us to go about healing and living.  This morning I happened to read Genesis 1-3 and one of the many things that I get excited about in that passage is how God, through his creation, gives people food to eat and plants to use.  God didn’t accidentally make certain plants to have medicinal qualities–he doesn’t accidentally do anything.  God, being the Great Creator, saw fit to provide us with so many good and beneficial things in His creation–things that can nourish and heal.  I love the concept of using these God-given plants in ways that God intended them to be used, and oils can help us do that.
  • Hate-One of the things that I have come to hate about oils is that it has created a culture of criticism.  This oil subculture has a way of presenting oils as the ONLY way.  Whenever this happens, it often divides and criticizes whenever someone thinks differently or doesn’t have the money to spend.  Because it is often connected with direct sales, you can wonder if someone is building up the hype just because they want to make a sale.  Therefore, it makes the oils subculture a hard one to navigate.
  • Warning-In recent years, I have realized my own ability to “fan-girl” over things from oils and clothes to shows and books.  While I don’t think it is wrong to be a fan of these things, as a Christian I have been challenged by my own tendency to obsess over–even idolize–things that are good.  When these good things become ultimate things, it is no longer good.  When the good news about oils overshadows the good news (Gospel) of Jesus Christ, there is a problem.  If you are a Christian, then my warning to you is this:  don’t turn oils into your new gospel.
  • Resource-Since I actually like oils, I figured I would give you a resource of someone who will be honest and realistic with you about oils.  There are benefits to oils, and so I think it is good to consider them when it comes to health.  If you need a contact, Melody Sullivan is your girl.

So there you have it–those are my thoughts about oils.  I don’t ever make money with this blog and so my opinion is completely based on what I think, not on whether or not I can make a sale or get a click.  If you are skeptical when it comes to oils, let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water.  If you are obsessed with oils, let’s not elevate it to gospel status.  Jesus saves lives, oils don’t.

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